Are re-mortgaging and do you live within 50 miles of Guildford? We can help you. Call Tim Smart today on 07482 225492 

It is highly likely that if you have a mortgage that is over three years old that there will be a more competitive deal available for you. Even with exit fees on your current product it might be that you can still save money over the lifetime of a new mortgage. 

Re-mortgaging. The smart option in the current climate. 

The noises coming out of the Bank of England during February were that interest rates are likely to rise again and sooner than expected. If you're already on, or soon to move to a Standard Variable Rate mortgage, and interest rates do rise, you are likely to pay more. How much more? Well that depends on the size of the mortgage. Repayments on £200,000 mortgage would increase nearly £300 per year assuming a 0.25% rate rise. 
The complexity of the mortgage market puts many people off searching for the best deal - and how do they know if what you've found is the best deal? 
For less than the cost of a 0.25% rise in interest rates on a £200,000 mortgage, I scan the whole of the market (including deals not publically advertised) to select the best deal for your particular set of curcumstamces. 
I work in a 5o miles radius of Guildford and will take time to understand all of the enquiries I receive and will be honest if I don't think I can help you.  
You've nothing to lose by getting touch and I look forward to speaking to you. 
Tim Smart, Sterlingside Mortgages. Tel: 07482 225492 

Leave some brief details and we will contact you or call Tim Smart today on 07482 225492. 

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