Product Transfer Mortgages 

It is possible to transfer a current mortgage to a new mortgage product, before or after any current mortgage deal ends. 
Most mortgage products have an Initial Rate Period (IRP) before the mortgage rate changes to the Standard Variable Rate (SVR). The SVR might be a lot higher than the rate you enjoyed during the IRP and of course the SVR mortgage rate is no longer fixed. 
We can compare the market and advise if you are best served taking a new product with your existing lender or moving to a new lender altogether. 
Our service allows us to factor in the fees associated with mortgage products and the incentives new lenders might be prepared to offer. It could be that we have access to a deal as a broker that is not available on the open market. 
Talk to us, we’d be delighted if we could get you a better deal on your new mortgage. It might also be quicker and easier than you thought. 
Email or call 01483 331835 to arrange a free consultation meeting. 
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